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We're not gonna pay RENT!!!!


First off, my apologies for the delay since my last post. My excuse??? I was super busy and super sick. I will say, however, it's kinda cool to know there are people out there that are actually visiting my site on a regular basis. I got comments from "honey please, I'm losing interest" to "If I have to look at that snaggletooth picture one more time....i'm never going to come back to your site."

So the picture posted above is of my sister and I at the RENT Premiere in NYC. Generally when posting a picture on my site I go through a brief review process...and then post. Rule #752b.ii states that, "If one other than I looks prettier the picture cannot be posted, unless of course the one is a) my boyfriend b) a celebrity or c) Ivey (the bitch always looks prettier than I" So after review of this picture...I was forced to push it aside and search for a "better" one. While there were other pictures of Aaron and I at the cast party....I was forced to veto Rule #752.ii and let this picture be published. There is not much you can do when a girl looks good. (Side note to AB: Don't say I don't ever do anything for you....and yes gentleman....she's newly single)

If you take one things out of this post.....let it be this. GO SEE RENT THE MOVIE!!!!!!! It is FUCKING AMAZING!!!! I admit: I am very biased as I've worship the show since I saw the original broadway cast perform it in 1997. However, even had I never seen the show before....I would have been deeply moved the performance of the entire cast and the many messages that this story tells. I plan on returning to the theater many times to see it over and over. And yes...I will own a copy of the DVD the day it is released.

Today was a good day. I was fortunate enough to have the "day off". I put "day off" in quotes as I was at Starbucks at 930am working on a Marketing Plan....and I'm about to be late for my night shift at XO. But even so...today was great. I finished up at Starbucks around 1130am and went and picked up my former roommate Rich at his hotel. He was in town for work and is now at O'Hare getting ready to board a flight to London. BITCH!!!! After lunch, I picked up Fabiano and Marcio and went to a Brazilian store in the city. I tried Guarana, the Brazilian Original for the first time today. What are my thoughts you ask? DA-LISH!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! God hates me this year and has punished me to a 12 hour shift at XO on thanksgiving day. Yes, that means I will miss the opportunity to have thanksgiving lunch and dinner with my friends. I had plans to do Thanksgiving at the FAB's tomorrow but unfortunately work got in the way. Luckily my roommate Tommy is going to take my place, I swear I'm not bitter. ;) Hopefully I can get out of the XO at a decent hour so I can join the boys in festivities.

And yes....I do like pink. And quite frankly, I think it likes me too!

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richmackey said...

OMG OMG OMG. I got a mention! Finally! Jeez. Live with someone for like, almost 2 years and it takes AGES for them to mention you in their blog. *sigh*

Oh. And I'm writing this from london ;)