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So it was about this time last year when I received an email at work asking me if I could help find some people for a photoshoot. They needed to be in decent shape but not in "great" shape and be willing to be photographed using some sort of new exercise equipment. I explained that we really didn't find models but would ask some of my friends to submit some photographs to me for review.

I really didn't have much luck but sent her a few different people to choose from. I had included my photographs as well as it paid pretty well and I thought it might be fun to do this with a friend. They responded back the next day saying....we'd like to use the guy in the green shirt...will he be available this weekend for the shoot? The guy in the green shirt was me!!! What did I get myself into?

It was actually a lot of fun. However, we were working out on the "Corepole" all day....so needless to say I was in a ton of pain the days following the shoot. The picture posted above is from the front of the brochure....to see the rest of the shots and for complete information on the corepole....visit www.corepole.com. ;)

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