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I forgot to get a team pic...next week!

Wow. Yesterday was opening day for the summer softball league and I must say it was by far the best opening day our team has had in it's 5 years together. Our first game was against Jackhammer. I knew they had just returned from a tournament so I was a little worried they were going to hand it to us. (Usually following a tournament teams are red-hot). It was a good game. Apparently we showed up to play as we hit well and fielded well and managed to win by 10.

Next was the B team - Spin Cougars. Not sure how everyone else felt but I was a little "eh" about having to play the B team. It's no fun. They are all really good and typically slaughter us in minimal innings. I just told everyone to go out and have some fun and to not get discouraged when they score runs...because they will. We just have to score them back and play the best defense we can. To my surprise we beat them the first few innings and had a significant lead halfway through the game. We were all very aware of this and ready to fight for this game. We did lose our lead going towards the end of the game and went into the bottom of the last inning down by 4. We huddled together and I asked if everyone wanted it. This is the only time we've been this close to a win against these guys and if we want it we're going to do it now. Everyone was fired up and ready to fight. We broke and the magic happened. Ok, i know i'm being a little cheesy but it just felt really good to watch the team fight so hard for the win. Every single one of us wanted to bat and came through under pressure. We won the game by one run and all celebrated together like we just won the championship game of a tournament.

You can't ask for a better opening day. Basil Hayden -- Get Buzzed!

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Paul said...

What's all the BUZZ about? Hmmm...it must be Basil Hayden!