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The Summer of Fun has finally begun.

So yeah...it's official. While it doesn't really feel like Summer (let alone spring), the Summer of Fun has officially begun. I know many of you are asking yourself, "Wasn't 2007 the Summer of Fun?" It was SUPPOSED to be. It was fun, yes. But it wasn't the Summer "of" Fun. Arron and I started last summer off on the right foot when we darted off to Canada for a softball tournament in July. You see, that was our problem. The Summer of Fun requires a lot of planning. You can't just name a summer the one of fun in late June. So thanks to Ms. Ireland we have a list of things that would help make the summer of 2008, more fun than 2007. Perhaps we could call the summer of 2008 the summer of funner, but that'd be just stupid maybe "it's the summer of more fun" mmmnooope. I'll contemplate throwing my tee-shirt stating that 07 was indeed the summer of fun away because it's not...this summer is.

For those of you wondering what the hell the image above is. It the set list from Kyler England's Ravenswood Sessions performance Aaron and I attended to kick off the Summer of Fun. We seriously had the best time!!!! Thank you Trent (not sure if he ever reads this) for the invite...we could not have asked for a more perfect ending to the weekend. Oh yeah...she played my FAVORITE FAVORITE song as the encore. Not sure what she was planning on playing but I sorta begged her to play it as she walked back in front of the group. Hopefully I didn't take away someone else's favorite.

Put your seat belts on ladies. The fun has just begun!

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