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Summer of FUNner

I received a call from Ms. Brost this afternoon while sitting in the Seattle airport...he called with news. News that will help make the summer of 2008 The Summer of Funner. On August 24th several things are happening. First off, I turn the big 3-0. YIKES. Don't think I'm not milking the fact that I'm still in my 20's for the next 4 months. The second big thing happening that day is....the Backstreet Boys are playing Ravinia. So of course Aaron purchased 6 tickets. While part of me wants to throw a big party for the big day...It'd be rather cool to go see a boyband in the park on my 30th birthday with a bunch of teenage girls. It doesn't get more youthful than that!

Let's talk about the boys. I know they suck...which is exactly why I love them so much. They have to be pushing 40 and are still trying to be the BackStreet "boys"...you gotta love that. Their latest cd supposedly sucks....I just may have to make the purchase now in preparation of their concert. I will not be out-sung by a 13 year old girl. No ma'am. Also, the boys were just featured on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. They were complete assholes! So I sorta want to hate on them but how can one pass up this opportunity? Maybe i'll hate for just a few more days and then forgive them. We'll see.

I'm babbling. I'm babbling because I'm on the longest flight known to man. Or perhaps just a 3-4 hour from Seattle to Chicago but it feels like the longest flight alive. My ass is chaffing to the seat and I have a headache from Mr. cologne that is sitting next to me. LESS IS MORE!!!! Ok...i'm done. LEAVE COMMENTS!!!


Ivey said...

backstreet's back, alright!

Ivey said...

Wasn't there 5 back street boys?

Steve said...

"WEREN'T there honey WEREN'T there 5? And yes...1 of them is a crackhead now so there are only 4 BSB's.