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First, please watch the above video. Do you all remember the Heinz 57 commercial I was in that Ian directed and filmed? Well...we didn't win. But there was a bunch of controversy following the contest as a bunch of people who TRIED to participate weren't able to. A co-worker of mine and her boyfriend created this video and were one of the video's that didn't get posted. THEY WERE PISSED. If you can remember how excited I was...you can imagine how disappointed they were. Hearing her tell me the story is so funny because I was in the same boat when we created the commercial. I would watch it daily as well as 1000's of the other horrible entries. I was obsessed.

And now I'm committing to vote for her entry every day until the day the contest ends. And if you have time right now, please follow this link and vote for her video. http://topthistv.com/vote.aspx They are the fourth one down on the left side. It's called "Now we can eat" She's the waitress that saves the day...you can't see her face but it's her. She is an incredible woman and is SO EXCITED to be a finalist. And she seriously loves ketchup more than she should. I forced her to eat "the king" at 530am while traveling home from Seattle last week and she was so grossed out by the food that she covered it in ketchup to put it down. The girl deserves your vote! DO IT NOW!

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