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The fun continues...

In attempt to make this the funniest (yes i said funniest) summer to date, I went out and purchased a new bike. I have had many a bikes in my days and they always seem to come from Kmart or Target and weigh nearly 20lbs, except for that schwin 10-speed I won because my sister sold candy bars for me for my softball fund raiser. Anyway, I spent more than $69.99 on this bike and it is so worth it. It was fast, easy to ride and best of all....light. (yes, that was a HUGE factor in why I chose it) So my goal this summer is to ride more, drive less. While I do love taking the wrangler out, it's time to do less driving.

So back to the fun. I picked my new bike up at Kozy's after I finished work for the day and rode it to the lakefront, down to the shed aquarium and back home. Ms. Brost, as much as I loved running with you (I really did enjoy our runs) biking the lake is the way to go. You can sit and look at people. WHY WOULD YOU RUN IF YOU CAN SIT? So fun! I'm going back tomorrow!

Random Blog Comment of the year? My cat Winston keeps biting my nipple. WEIRDO.

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Anonymous said...

yeah! you got a bike. how eco-friendly. You should bring it down on your trip to ASHEVILLE. I have one too, and the trails here are amazing...not to mention the views. oh, wait...I forgot...Asheville isn't exactly on your to-do list.