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2 Years and Going!!!!

Wow. It was two years ago today when I made the move from Nashville, TN to Chicago. And in celebration of my anniversary, the City of Chicago has gone crazy!!! People are driving up and down my street honking and screaming....and there is a helicopter that keeps flying overhead so closely that it is shaking the building I live in. There they go again with the honking.......SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

Chicago has erupted as the White Sox won the World Series tonight...not only did they win....they swept the Astros. And the city is in my face. *Get out of my face! Get out of my face!* While I am very sad to see the Sox win...I'm SO thankful they are done so quickly. I could not imagine having to deal with the South Side for 3 more games. And if I had one more person tell me I needed to support the White Sox because I live in this city, I was going to tie a heavy brick to my leg and jump into Lake Michigan. Where in the MLB rule book does it say that you have to route for a team solely because they are from your city? NO WHERE!!!!! I don't remember any Sox Fans routing for the cubs when they were in the final game for the NL pennant. Nor do I ever expect or wish them to route for the Cubs in the future.

Minus the whole "Series" thing....today was a GREAT day. Hopefully Chi-town can handle me for another 2 years...

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Jordan said...

Ummmm, has anyone seen Steve?

Who is this butch person talking about baseball posting on Steve's blog?