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Philadelphia Woody’s Take Second Place

So I’m sitting in the Philadelphia airport and I have a feeling I’m going to be here for a long time. After the fiasco with my trip here…I thought I’d show up to the airport extra early this time. Of course that means my flight is delayed…and they keep pushing it back. Apparently there is a thunderstorm in the SouthEast so the plane I’m waiting for is stuck in Orlando until further notice. They are now estimating 735pm. Which means it will be sometime after 8. Ugh.

So we showed up for the softball tournament in Washington D.C. and so did Tropical Storm Tammy… “Tammy, you’re such a bitch!” It rained and rained and rained from the moment we got there. And I’m not talking sprinkled…it POURED. All games were cancelled on Saturday and we were pretty certain they’d be cancelled on Sunday as well. We went out on Friday until the wee hours of the morning and had a fantastic time. I somehow managed to cure my hangover pretty quickly which is a rarity. We spent the day on Saturday socializing, chillin’ to music, and playing cards in the hotel room. Eventually we got stir-crazy and made a trip to Virginia to go bowling. Good Times had by all. I found it very difficult to bowl without my shoes and bowling ball but managed to knock a few pins down. I bowled about 60 pins below average…..Frustrating.

On our way back to the bowling alley…as we drove throw the pouring rain….we found out that we were indeed going to be playing on Sunday morning starting at 8am. We were staying in downtown D.C. and had a 45 minute drive to the fields so it made for a VERY early morning. The worst part….the tournament rules had changed so that they could complete the two-day tournament in one day. This meant that we’d be playing “one-pictch softball”. This means that as a batter….when you step up to the plate you’ve got a full count and get one pitch. If it’s a strike, you’re out….if it’s a ball or you get a hit….you’re on base. No courtesy fouls….a foul ball and the batter is out. On top of these jacked up rules….each game had a time-limit of 30 minutes. WHAT!?!?!?!? How could this possibly fun? Playing ball in the mud with jacked up rules….it didn’t even sound like softball anymore.

Boy was I wrong….they must have dropped 75 semi trucks full of cat liter down on the fields because while they were muddy….they were not that bad. And the one-pitch thing was actually kind of fun. It made each game extremely intense and fast-paced. There wasn’t much time to think…..it was always go-go-go. And to top it off…we kept winning….we finally got beat by D.C. Coblt in the Winner’s Bracket Championship game. Actually slaughtered would be a better word. It was not pretty. This meant that they went on to the championship game of the tournament and we went to the championship game of the losers bracket. We ended up having to play a team from Atlanta that we had already faced earlier in the day and barely beat. We played them a little harder this time and won comfortably. We were not, however, as fortunate in the championship game. While we played great ball…we fell apart in the last inning and ended up in 2nd place.

Second Place out of 16 teams in our division. We were very happy!!! I look forward to my next trip with their team. They are an AMAZING group of guys! I am lucky to have them as friends.

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