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Happy Valentines Day!

What a beautiful day it has been. I polished off a pot of coffee while watching a peaceful fall of Lake Effect snow. The sun and a bright blue sky were to follow. With the bitter cold weather we've experienced here in Chicago these past few weeks it was nice to have a big snow fall followed by a moderate day and bright sunny skies. While I'm not a huge fan of winter, I'm always a sucker for a big snow fall. If it's going to be cold out, it might as well be beautiful. Now let's just hope spring is right around the corner.

Today is Valentine's Day. Typically a day i have a hard time enjoying. In the 28 years I've been around, I can only remember one Valentine's Day I've been able to share with someone. I've been fortunate enough to have already celebrated a wonderful time this year. I spent the past two days in a friends Lake House on the border of Michigan and Indiana with my special someone. Me, Him, The Wilderness, a Fire...nothing to distract us but each other. We had an amazing time. And now, as i get ready to go serve romantic dinners to couples of all kinds....i can do so without the normal bitterness I usually possess on this Halmark Holiday.

Happy Valentine's to anyone reading this!

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