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Does anyone else out there think that the Homeland Security Advisory System is as stupid as I do? I remember shortly after 911 being in Asheville, NC with Ivey and Toombs. When we awoke in the morning the Homeland Security Advisory had raised the level to Orange. So Ivey, Toombs and I dressed in Orange clothes to go out for some lunch and a little shopping. All day long we'd scream Code Orange at people. Ever since, it's been our little joke when something is elevated to call a code orange.

During my travels this week to and fro NYC, I realized we are in the midst of a code orange at the airports. I was quite sad that I wasn't even aware of this prior to my arrival at O'Hare...or I would have dressed in my orange.

The video above has been posted for 2 reasons:
1. I missed out on dressing in ORANGE at both O'Hare and LaGuardia airports
2. Ivey called and left me a CODE ORANGE message last night. Dave Matthews will be appearing on next week’s episode of House on Tues. night at 8pm. (Apparently that's worthy of a code orange alert)



Jennifer said...

You bet your sweet ass thats worthy of a code orange.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I know you were trying to be funny with the orange shirt, orange hat, holding an orange... But... ahem... does your hat say "Spit cum on my thick dick?" For some reason, I am having a reaction similar to Helen Mirren did when she was playing the Queen. "Spit cum on [your] thick dick." ...... "Spit cum on [your] thick dick." If I am going to be sucking your thick dick, I will most certainly NOT spit that cum out! [gulp]