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From 30,000 Feet.

Wow, what a trip! Not counting my first trip to NYC, I think this was my favorite visit to the Big Apple. The last few times I’ve been here I got caught up in spending my free time socially in the bars and nightclubs. Not this time. I went and saw a third musical last night. Finally, I was able to see Avenue Q. Aaron met me at the Cheap Tkts booth in the Broadway district after he got off and there were only 4 shows to choose from as it was Monday Night. Rent – been there 100 times. Les Mis – Da-lish…but no thanks. Phantom of the Opera – I’m not sure why but I really have no desire to see that show. I think I know it’ll always be around so when I’m ready to see it, I can. And Avenue Q – YES PLEASE.

Aaron had already seen the show in its first year out so I was very thankful he choose to see it again with me. So our tickets were $55 and we bought them just a few hours before show time. You’d think we’d have bad seats right? WRONG. We were in the fourth row center. I have had first and second row seats before….usually to the side. NEVER have I had such great seats as these. AMAZING. And for any of you that have not seen this show…..GO SEE IT!!! My face hurt from smiling and laughing so hard for so long.

So after the show Aaron wanted to go to the bar. Not just any bar…he wanted to go to Splash. KILL ME!!! I loathe that place. And to top it off…it was show tunes night. We have this same night at Sidetrack in Chicago. It’s miserable so I couldn’t imagine having to live this at my least favorite place in NYC. Wow was I in for a surprise. The show tunes were actually really enjoyable. Sure, there were several videos I didn’t know, a couple I could have lived without but for the most part they played all of my favorites. They even played the Dreamgirls performance with Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce that was recorded the night before. It got better. Suddenly a stage lights up behind us. And they’ve brought in some wanna-be pop singer, Kelly King, who is going to sing some Broadway tunes for us. I dreaded it. I was convinced it was turning into Monday night Karaoke. She opened with a song from Dreamgirls, And I am Telling You, and DAMN could this girl sing. She could give Jennifer Hudson and Holiday a run for their money. Aaron and I were in for yet another show and WE HAD NO IDEA! (Yes David, that was said in your voice) Some random girl came up for a quick song after the opening and was really good. Then they did a duet from RENT. It just keep getting better and better! So yes….it was a weekend of shows. They are telling me to turn off my electronic device so I guess that wraps up this blog. There's nothing worse than wrapping it up before you're ready.

Next entry? David’s a HOAR for buying the same shoes as me.

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Matt Rockwood said...

Remeber steve, there's a fine fine line between love and a waste of rime