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Alright...so cell phone companies have the tendancy to piss me off. I think I've expressed that in some of my past entries. However, I have been very content with T-Mobile. The service is FANTASTIC and they bill me correctly. That's really all I ask of a carrier. Give me a service that works and charge me what you say you're going to charge me.

Over the past month I have been noticing the T-Mobile MyFAVES promotion in a lot of print and tv ads. Basically with this plan you pick 5 numbers which you can then call an unlimited number of times for an unlimited amount of time per month. They can be land lines or even non Tmobile numbers. Pretty cool right? I would say that i use the majority of my minutes calling the same 5 numbers. However, as i rarely go over my minutes is there really a need for me to change plans? Why change if I'm happy? Of course THIS MONTH I GO OVER MY 1000 anytime minutes. Doh! So suddenly there is a need for a plan I already think is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Tmobile has peev'd me for the first time in my 2 years of being with them. One would think you could simply switch your plans and call it a day. Oh no...that'd be too easy. In order to be in this promo....you not only need to switch plans....you need to have a MYFAVES phone. WHAT???????? A MyFAVES phone???? They know who i'm calling with the cheap ass phone that i have learned to LOVE. By requiring me to purchase a new phone....i then get stuck spending an assload of money on a new phone....or I get suckered into signing a new contract. NO MA'AM. My biggest pet peev about cell phone companies....the dreaded contract. I have a hard enough time commiting to a man....now you want me to commit to another 2 years with your service? Not going to happen...especially since I know that the iPhone is being released in a few short months and it will not be offered with tMobile. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. MYnervaFAVES!

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