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To My 3 Favorite Chicks!!

As much as I love country music, I despise the Country Music Industry. The CMA awards were announced and presented just a few months ago and somehow the Dixie Chicks managed to be nominated for...well, nothing. The chicks have managed to piss off the industry over the years by standing up for themselves, by writing music THEY feel passionate about, by protecting their asses by creating their own record label and finally by choosing to use their freedom of speech to express how they feel about the cocksucker we have running our country. So apparently, in the country music industry individualism is frowned upon.

Having owned their latest album, Taking The Long Way, since the day it was released, I was dumbfounded that the industry choose to ignore this record. I am looking at the various categories and the stuff nominated shouldn't even stand a chance against this album. Ok fine...let's just say I'm biased (I am) and the album is really not that good. They weren't even nominated for Vocal Group of the Year? I'm sorry Allison Krauss & The Union Station....I like your music but you suck balls next to this album. And who is Little Big Town?

Well the Dixie Chicks got to say a big "Fuck You" to the Country Music Industry earlier this week as they were the big winners at the Grammy's taking home all of the top honors with a total of FIVE GRAMMY'S! Yes...Record, Song and Album of the year.

With that said please watch the trailer to the movie Shut Up & Sing. I believe it's coming out on DVD on Feb. 20th. Enjoy!

This commercial was banned from television. (What kind of fucked up country do we live in?)

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