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Cubs Win Central Division!!!

So it's been a crazy week for me, which might have actually been a good thing as I was too busy to know what was going on with the Chicago Cubs. I know, I know. How can you be too busy to keep an eye on the Cubs score? I’ll explain as it was actually kind of cool how everything turned out. I just accepted a new job and flew to L.A. for less than 24 hours. When I arrived at LAX I had about 40 minutes of downtime while I waiting for Rich's flight to arrive. I knew the Cubbies were playing so I went to a bar to try and find the game. They were not playing the game and when I asked them to turn the game on (all TV's were on Entertainment Tonight) they told me they didn't have time to look for the game. I was annoyed but found a small TV in a hallway that was playing the game. The cubs were losing. I kept track in the progress of the game on my phone and they lost...again. It was probably for the best that I wasn't able to watch the last few games, as they cubs were NOT showing me that they were going to secure their playoff spot. I am not sure I could have handled watching the games. THANK GOD Milwaukee was sucking just as badly.

When I arrived back in Chicago I had little time to prepare for my Basil Hayden event before heading out. The Cubs game started just as I started my event. On my drive home I could tell that the cubs had won but I had no idea they secured their spot in the playoffs until I reached Addison and Clark. I looked up at the marquee and to my surprise it read "Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, 2007 Central Division Champions." It made sense why the streets were so alive and why there were so many cops in the neighborhood. I was so happy. As I sat there dreaming of what is to come in the weeks ahead US Country 99.5 was playing on my radio. I was sitting at the corner of Addison and Clark with my doors out of my jeep, the top down, when the song "Go Cubs Go" came on the radio. Apparently my radio was up really loud as everyone on the streets around me started singing to my radio. It was so awesome. I kept my cool as I drove away and that's why the tears began to fall.

These tears were much different than the tears that fell in October of 2003. These were tears of joy and excitement. Tears of hope that the Cubs will actually win the World Series this year. I say it every year..."I believe". This year I did not. I tried so hard not to believe. Not to get caught up in another roller coaster ride only to be let down. It's impossible. I'm a die-hard cub fan and can't help but love them!!! I made it through June "not believing". And these past 3 months have been SO STRESSFUL. C'mon cubbies!!! Please let me see a world series win! I believe. And I want it so bad! We all do and we'll be routing you on game after game!!!

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