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A quick post re: Big Brother 8

Summer after Summer I look forward to Big Brother. It's almost sick as I'm more excited to play/watch the show than I am about my real life. Yes, there have been several years where the only people I can't stand in the house keep moving forward while eliminating everyone I like. And usually i'm stuck picking between 2 people I can't stand because my favorite player took 3rd place.

Big Brother 8 was a huge dissapointment. The cast from the get go was "eh" at best. And the "twists" with the few "frenamies" was so lame. I hated the fags from chicago....maybe out of jealousy...but i hated them none-the-less. (I'm so thankful they didn't win....one good thing came out of the show). And the only guys in the house I actually liked were kicked out within the first few weeks. What am I left with?

Oh yeah....america's player. I'm still indifferent on the concept of the america's players. I want to like the idea as america can be involved in the game but it sorta CHANGES "the game". (Side Note: I think Eric "america's player" is a doosh bag and I hated watching him all season")

You know it's a bad season when you don't watch the 2 part season finale or care who wins. I actually pulled up the website to find out who won....Minerva Dick. My least favorite person in the entire house. 2nd place went to his nasty whiney daughter. I will say that the final finale I watched...and I actually enjoyed it. They brought everyone back together....casted the votes....asked the questions and revealed the final twist....america's player. it was cute how they did it but still....BLAHHHHH BLLLAHHHH BLLLLAHHHHH BIG BROTHER 8!

Oh yeah....a shout out to jameka girl!!! I loved you from day one and wanted you to win it all!!! you guys were so close!!!!


Ivey said...

Steve, honey, its DOUCHE.
Douche Bag. Guess you've never had that not so fresh feeling.

Eric (not the one from BB8) said...

I have to disagree. The show was enjoyable up until Eric couldn't save Jessica, and then couldn't save himself. The prospect of Eric, Jessica and Jameka in the final three was very appealing. The part it all went to hell was Zach, Danielle and Dick in the final 3.

Megan said...

And BB9 starts in January, will you watch it - or are you too crabby about BB now?