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Waking Up is So Hard To Do.

I've always been told that waking up get's easier and easier to do the more you age. Well I feel fifty, and waking up sucks every day. I can sleep 12 hours and still have the hardest time waking up. Is there a magic number when mornings start to get easier? Sleep is definitely NOT as easy for me as it used to be. It has now become a full time job to slow my mind down in order to fall asleep. And without a doubt, every morning, I could sleep forever.

I have been awake for just over an hour, drank half a pot of coffee, and i'm still mad at the world for making me wake up. I'm not sure why I chose tho share this with you but I would love comments if you have any feedback.


Anonymous said...

maybe you have an anxiety disorder?

Momma said...

hmmm let's see why could you be having trouble sleeping....

1. Possible career changes?
2. Still adjusting to living alone?
3. The cubs chasing a playoff spot?
4. No trips to Rhode Island
5. You are going to turn 30 soon

or #6....You want be like Tammy.

Anonymous said...

honey, you have sleep apnea. you don't get enough rest because you are constantly trying to breathe all night long. you choke and snore and simply don't rest. you've been this way for years, and you know this. (plus norma jeans have a way of lingering....)
i love you.