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Backstreet Boys

So I have a severe problem. Ok, I have many severe problems. But my severe problem of the moment is that I love boybands. I really do. BasicallyI love anything your little sister loves. But I love most all genres of music. I just happen to REALLY REALLY LOVE horrible bubble gum and country music the most. So I was at work tonight when a Justin Timberlake discussion broke out after one of his too many video's came on the video jukebox. I made a comment how I wouldn't go to his concert but I'd go to an NSYNC concert anyday. That's when the gentleman on the other side of the bar mentioned that that will never happen but I can probably go see a backstreet boys concert as they are releasing a new album. WHAT??????? How exciting! I'll admit, I was one of the first in line for the "Never Gone" album and it's true...I LOVED IT!

I downloaded their new song tonight and it's "eh". Don't get me wrong....I love it and will sing it everyday for the next 6 weeks. But it's not exactly what I was hoping to hear as the first release. Let's hope it's not an idication of what we're going to get.

it's called -- a new beginning. hmmmm....and only 4 backstreet boys? not so sure i'm "down" with that. you can't just lose a backstreet boy. i guess it's really not up to me...i have no choice but to accept the 4 they are giving me.

So i went to their website to see when I can buy the album.

40 days 21 hours 25 minutes 20 seconds. Minerva that long.


Anonymous said...

Oh gawd. Are boy bands really making a come back into your heart. Here we go again...its like college...YES PEOPLE COLLEGE...we had to listen to boy bands daily thanks to Steve. Remember the N'SYNC vs Backstreet Boys? Backstreets Back Alright~!

momma said...

you may listen to the boy bands.

but when you are lip synching and dancing and putting on that blond wig and heels, you are listening to the gogo's and spice girls...

come on...admit it