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I can't believe we did it again! This is the third year in a row we have attended the Milwaukee Dairyland Classic and it's the third year in a row we have walked away champions. The tournament has grown each year and this year we were put in a bracket with 17 teams. Our team, the Basil Hayden Buzz, received the #1 seed after pool play as we had a 2-0 record and were tied with another undefeated Milwaukee team for run differential. We flipped a coin and that's where my coin toss luck began. I called tails, got the call and we were given the number 1 seed. From then on I called every coin toss correctly so we played as the home team most every game. Overall we went 8-1. We lost to the Milwaukee Kruzers Sunday afternoon and had to beat them twice in the championship game to take the title. We made a few changes before the game and really concentrated on the mechanics of softball. We won the first championship game 10-5 and the final game 8-7. It was an intense game but we kept our cool and walked away winners.

I'm sad as we learned at the awards banquet that there will not be a Dairyland Classic next year due to some bike race the city is hosting. :( I guess there won't be a four-peat for a couple of years....Milwaukee has treated us well and we plan on returning when the tournament comes back to life.

I had an amazing weekend! It's really crazy how fun softball tournaments are. I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing group of guys to play ball with. I am so lucky!

Oh, and congratulations to Alan Ireland for winning Big Brother Milwaukee 2. (i knew not to take that bitch to the final three)

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Ivey said...

I want a picture of the black eye.

ps- congrats!!!