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From 30,000 Feet.

Hello from united flight 945. I am about two hours into my trip from chicago to lax and I am bored. Typically being stuck in one spot for four hours and having my laptop with no internet means I can get a lot of things done and really organized. But thus far, I am not really feeling it. I felt people magazine, I felt the coco-cola classic I just downed, and I feel the jackass behind me who keeps digging his knees into the back of my chair.

I just don't feel like busting out the ibook. So before I begin to read the book I brought along with me I thought I'd write a quick blog.

I am curious as to everyones thoughts on "the escalator". I was walking through o'hare this morning and my blood pressure rose nearly everytime I approached an escalator. Perhaps its just me and if this is the case please tell me I am wrong but isn't the point of an escalator to help escalate you up the stairs? I wish I could look the word up right now to get the actual definition but to me escalate means to move more quickly. Often times I choose the staircase next to the escalator when I travel as it seems to be the easiest and quickest means of getting from one floor to the next. I get so annoyed by people who walk to the escalator, stand side by side, and prevent those behind them from getting by. Seriously!!! The escalator's at o'hare move so slowly....how do people not go crazy just standing there? People are so lazy, and I am fine with that, but have the courtesy to allow others to walk past you. Typically I'd be rude and plow past these people but I'm learning that its a waste of energy and I now take the more difficult physical route but the easier route ultimatley...the stairs.

The one "ride" I do not avoid confrontation on is the speedway. (Or is it a moving walkway?). Thank god someone was smart enough to label the lanes and post signage above that states that the left lane is for moving people and u lazy fucks who feel you need to stand and lounge on the moving WALKway...please stay to the right.

I feel better now. But seriously...if you are an escalator stander please let me know. If u think blocking off the people behind you who actually want to move up or down faster than the escalator moves is not a big deal let me know. It is rare....but sometimes I am in the wrong. ;)

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Eric said...

Amen sista... I do push and tersely say "Excuse me" to the fat fucks who clog the escalators...