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From 30k Feet

Hello from 30k feet. I'm on board a United flight in route from DEN to ORD. Had I kept my original flight I'd be boarding right now and getting to my front door near 11:30pm. I wasn't feeling the late arrival so I took a chance at standby and got on a flight about an hour after arriving at the Denver airport. I had a good time in Colorado. I had a very productive day in the office on Friday, a good event on Saturday night and a fantastic brunch with Rich, Brian and their roommate Shane this morning. I was also able to get my MacBook Pro back in working order after the "incident" on my flight to Germany so it was a darn good weekend. Now I'm just ready to be home. I know Riley will be excited too. I get sad every time I leave town. He's SUCH A LOVER and I know he's got to be so lonely when I'm away. I tried to kidnap Rufus while in Denver but was not successful. Maybe next time! I'm actually thinking about getting Riley a friend as my travel isn't going to slow up much. If anything it'll increase. I'm just giving it some extra thought to make sure it's the right choice.

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