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Zu einem guten Tag & Charles

That’s Charles. He looks surprisingly unhappy in this picture. We met Charles while trying to read and take pictures of an all-German menu at a German-style restaurant. His first words were “you are taking pictures, you are not a spy for George Bush are you?” We then listened to Charles talk about his life long story for about 30 minutes as we stood their STARVING. Jordan and I had not reached the point in our discussion where we had decided (or not) to eat at this restaurant as Charles interrupted us, and we hadn’t a clue what was on the menu. So when we finally reached a break in Charles speech, we took the opportunity to let him know we were eating at his establishment and made our way through the door.

Fortunately Charles had already informed the waiter of our lack of German and the waiter arrived with English menu’s. THANK GOD! (Jordan is working my snach right now as he’s being my live spell/grammer checker as I type this….i just want him to brush his teeth so we can leave.) We learned what pickle and peanuts were in German and were quite thankful as we were able to avoid them when placing our order. The food was fantastic (I may have eaten spam) and we had a great time. I think my favorite part of the meal was watching Jordan ask for the check in German. (Yes we had our German quick-phrase book with us at the table.)

We left lunch, had a great time shopping at the fantastic mall attached to our hotel drove down to our favorite area of the city to do more shopping and sightsee and then spent about an hour just driving randomly around the city. Driving here is fun…there are some things that are very weird but we’re getting used to it.

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