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What a day! It was by far my favorite day in Germany as Jordan and I took to the road and drove to some random city I can’t even try to remember the name of, and then to Munich. And when I say drove….we FLEW. The autoban is fabulous. For the most part, there is NO SPEED LIMIT. (except for in those few places where you’d kill yourself if you didn’t slow down…they are kind enough to post a limit in those designated areas.) Not sure how fast we really went yet as everything is in Kilometers but we topped out at 170kph. Frankfurt wasn’t really what I was expecting Germany to be. Today fixed all of that. IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! We drove through a lot of the small country villages. Thanks to Jordan we now have enough pictures of countryside hills, farm machinery, cattle and country folk on bikes and mopeds to make a year long banking calendar.

The most exciting and terrifying moment of the day was when we were about to leave a desolate gas station in a small town. As we were getting ready to pull away a Volkswagen Passat pulled in front of us and two older men got out of their cars and were quickly moving our way. I immediately warned Jordan by saying quickly “lock the doors”. As we fumbled to try to find the locks we noticed these two men that were quickly approaching our vehicles appeared to be undercover cops. Keep in mind…HUGE LAUNGAGE BARRIER. My cop wanted to see my passport and an explanations of where we were going (all I could tell him was some castles and then to munich. Jordan was didn’t get that far as I think Jordan just kept saying he wanted to see the law enforcements credentials. Expect more to come on this little episode. I got the video camera out and talked about what happened as they were driving away. It was scary as hell….but not that it has passed….we’re glad it happened. A fun experience.

Ok, I took a norma jean an am about to pass out while writing this. I’m going to post it without re-reading it so for those of you who may be reading this rough unedited draft…bless your hearts. Please come back to see the video.

If i did not say it earlier...MUNICH IS MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE WORLD!!!! OMG. I want to come back again and again. BEAUTIFUL!

For now….Good Night.

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Ivey said...

Did you go WARP SPEED on the autoban? Did you? BTW, Jordan - I would like a calendar.